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GAGARING(core) +GAGA THings(Accessories)+GAGA Band(supplied randomly)+Battery Charger

※Charging cable is not supplied

  • 01.GAGARING (core)


    Core is composed of five colors and it's material are zirconia that looks luxurious and glossy.
    And it is IP56(waterproof) and ring is coated in plate. When it is exposed to sweat or water(salt) it can discolor.

  • 02.GAGA Things


    Supplied randomly according to GAGARING and usable attached(detachable) to children, pets, and
    various things. it can be used up to 2 items.

  • 03.GAGA Band


    Supplied randomly when purchased in set(in case of female customer, pink band can be supplied if she wants)
    and can create a highly individual atmoshere with extra favorite bands(about 20 kinds of bands)

  • 04.Battery Charger


    Charge directly to GAGARING and GAGA Band(see user manual)